Cafe Vino teams up with Rocky Mountain High School ACE program

Café Vino has been fortunate over the last two years to work with the Rocky Mountain High School ACE program.  The Alternative Cooperative Education program is led by the amazing and innovative Kim Nigro.  The program focuses on preparing students for the future after high school.

The students have classroom instruction and hands on experience to allow students to work on skills in a variety of job trades.  Café Vino has become one of the clients from the Geo-Dome project.  The Geo-Dome produces the herbs in a clean nontoxic environment.  Chef Brie says they are the best herbs in Fort Collins.

Every Wednesday 5-10 students come to the restaurant with Mr. Jenson and measure the herbs and talk with the kitchen staff about what they will make with the fresh produce they have delivered.  It has become such a rewarding experience for us at Café Vino to meet such wonderful kids.  This is the second year we have hosted a holiday dinner with them at the end of the semester.  They dress up and enjoy a luncheon in our party room.  Keep up the good work integrated services at Rocky!

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