It’s Fall Ya’ll

The leaves are changing and so did our cocktail list.  Our cocktail list features cult classics with a vino twist and this fall our bartenders nailed it.  We took classic cocktails from yesteryear and put our spin on these culinary inspired libations.

Everybody loves a classic cocktail, a nice margarita on Tuesday or a bloody mary on Sunday or how about an old fashioned or a Manhattan on a Friday after a super long week.  Maybe a greyhound on the patio for one of those warm fall days or an Irish coffee by the fireplace for the first snow of the year.

These all sound so inviting, but you won’t find the original recipe on our new menu.  Look for something way cooler that will make you beg for them year round.  Trust me some of you begged loud enough that one of your favorites may be back on the list.

So ditch “The Suit” and don’t get stuck in “Port Collins” traffic trying to get here for your “Three Hour Tour”.  There may be a “Ladie’s Man” in the house who is ready for some “Whiskey Business” but don’t forget your “Ruby Slipper” for “Putting on the Spritz”. “William Tell” may get you “Hot and Heavy” and he very easily may be a “Deal Sealer” and “Everything Nice”.  Just make sure he buys you a “Vino Irish Coffee” in the mornin.



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