Meet the Café Vino Crew

Y’all ever wonder about the people cooking and serving your food?  Well we have decided to start a series to introduce you to our Café Vino family on a more personal level.  We decided to start with the employee with the longest tenure.  Paola Herrera-Rivera has worked at Vino for 8 years.  She started with us as a dishwasher, and then moved to morning prep cook then a line cook and now she has landed in our pastry department.  This has been her favorite department that she has worked in thus far because she is constantly learning and she loves sweets.

Our Executive Chef, Brie, sat down with her and found out some of her favorites that we wanted to share with y’all.

Brie – What do you like to do outside of work?

Paola – She likes to take her dog on long walks, shop and read.

Brie – What is your favorite thing to cook at home?

Paola – Tiramisu, I like to try new desserts.

Brie – What is your favorite type of food?

Paola – Pasta, especially Alfredo.

Brie – Why do you like working at Café Vino?

Paola – I’m always learning new dishes and techniques in the kitchen.

Brie said, “Paola is one of my favorite people ever.  She can do anything you teach her and executes it perfectly.  She is a very hard worker and moves fast.  She is sassy and hilarious.”

Thank you Paola for being a dedicated Café Vino employee, we look forward to many more years with you in our kitchen.



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